The Turenne Santé team has over EUR 120 million at its disposal to invest in the entire value chain of healthcare companies through various investment approaches:

– Expansion / buyout capital;
– Venture capital.

Turenne Santé also runs the Fondation pour l’Innovation Thérapeutique Béatrice Denys (Foundation Beatrice Denys for Therapeutic Innovation), which rewards the most successful projects within the French academic research, under the aegis of the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (Medical Research Foundation).

Our team

Mounia Chaoui

General Partner, Turenne Santé

Mounia joined Turenne Capital in 2013. Mounia has been managing the healthcare division with Benoit Pastour since the beginning of 2015.
Mounia has over 15 years’ experience in corporate finance in the healthcare sector in France and abroad. Prior to joining Turenne Capital, Mounia led Inserm Transfert Initiative, a start-up fund specialised in Healthcare, and was Partner responsible for Healthcare investments at Ventech (Groupe Natexis et Banques Populaires) and, prior to that, Atlas Venture. In particular she led several investments, trade sales and IPOs on NASDAQ and Euronext, including Biovex (sold to Amgen for USD 1 billion), Cellerix, which is listed on Euronext as TIG, and Scynexis, listed on NASDAQ. Mounia Chaoui has also advised investment funds and companies on raising equity in the Healthcare sector at Altran Technologies.
Within Turenne Capital, Mounia is responsible for JRI, Didactic and Dial Invest via the Capital Santé I fund, and Alizé Pharma, Eyetechcare at Horama via Sham Innovation Santé.
Mounia Chaoui is a graduate of Ecole Centrale (Paris) and has a PhD in Molecular Biophysics (Paris VI/Institut Gustave Roussy, CNRS).

Bervin Bouani

Senior Associate - Lyon

Before joining Turenne Capital in 2014, Bervin Bouani spent six years as an Asset Manager within the investment department at SHAM, an insurer specialised in healthcare companies’ risks. At SHAM, Bervin was in charge of risky assets (listed equities, alternative management and private equity) and in particular was involved in the development of the private equity business (EUR 30 million invested in 15 companies, including Adocia). Bervin began his career as a junior financial engineer at CM-CIC.
Bervin holds a Master’s degree in Markets and Corporate Finance from Université Catholique de Lille.
Bervin is responsible for the Nutrionix, Cytoo, Brainever and Orega Biotech holdings.

Grégory Dupas

Associate - Paris

Before joining Turenne Capital in 2016, for three years Grégory Dupas was Associate at Développement & Partenariat, a multi-sector investment fund working with SMEs.

Gregory started his career with an M&A experience at Groupe Bel.
At Turenne Capital his role includes analysing investment opportunities for the Capital Santé I Fund.
Grégory holds an MSc from EM Lyon, is a graduate of HEC Montréal and has a degree in Accounting and Management (DCG).

Mehdi Ainouche


Mehdi joined Turenne Capital at the end of 2015, after spending six months at CM-CIC Innovation.
His responsibilities include analysing investment opportunities for the Sham Innovation Santé Fund.
Mehdi holds a PhD in Pharmacy (Faculté de Pharmacie Rennes 1) and is a graduate of ESCP Europe (MS Management Biopharmaceutique).

Camille Bellenger


Après une première expérience chez PwC comme auditeur financier, suivie d’une expérience en tant qu’analyste au sein du fonds de dette mezzanine ActoMezz, Camille intègre le groupe Turenne Capital en 2017 en tant qu’Analyste Private Equity au sein de l’équipe santé et multisectorielle.

Camille est diplômée du Magistère Banque Finance et Assurance de l’Université Paris Dauphine, avec une spécialisation en finance d’entreprise.

Expansion / buyout capital

FPCI Capital Santé I

The Capital Santé I Professional Private Equity fund (FPCI) is a growth driver that operates through individual or combined expansion and buyout capital operations. Each deal is specifically addressed with a “Sur Mesure“ Appoach according to its Business characteristics and challenges.

This vehicle invests primarily in profitable French companies with a proven business model.



We support companies in the Healthcare sector with an enterprise value usually within the EUR 10-to-100-million bracket.

Moreover, we see it as essential that we share common interests and objectives with the management teams.

Our involvement consists in acquiring non-controlling or controlling stakes through investments between EUR 2 and 15 million.

Co-investment is possible alongside Altur Investissement and Nord Capital, and third party Capital providers.


The fund targets, inter alia, companies that:

  • Manufacture and/or distribute medical equipment, diagnostic kits, nutraceuticals or medicines;
  • Are suppliers or subcontractors to Healthcare manufacturers and service, advice and products providers;
  • Offer healthcare solutions by creating networks or gathering institutions;
  • Develop IT tools and software for Healthcare providers;
  • Develop better organisation of care and treatment of patients;
  • Publish information, especially through training, the internet and the press.



Composed of our main investors and two Healthcare sector experts:

Hubert Olivier :

– Chairman of the Management Board of Groupe OCP,

– Former Chairman of Teva

– Ecole de Commerce du Havre – INSEAD


Albert Saporta :

– Chairman, Groupe Stallergenes

– International operations manager, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught

– Graduate of ESSEC – Harvard


Temperature, Pressure and Hydrometrics traceability wireless connected objects and systems for the Healthcare and food Industries
Design, manufacture and marketing of plastic packaging and containers for the Healthcare industry
Independent consultancy firm specialised in well-being and health at work: diagnostic programs, stress and psychosocial risks prevention
Disposable medical devices for hospitals and clinics
Orthopaedic and dental implantology
High-quality polymers for the orthopaedic industry
Home medical care
Dialysis Centres and MCO, specialized in Orthopedics, Urology, gastroenterology and Oncology
Healthcare Centres
Adaptive showers
Management and administrative software dedicated to care institutions

Innovation Capital

Sham Innovation Santé

Launched in July 2014, Sham Innovation Santé is an evergreen Venture Capital Fund advised by Turenne Capital that invests in venture capital in biotech and medtech companies. Sham, a major Mutual Insurance Company based in Lyon, is the Fund sponsor.


Sham Innovation Santé invests into companies that are developing breakthrough technologies in the medical and Biotechnology fields. The portfolio – 12 companies – is being gradually built up by new investments in the healthcare and life sciences field, with a target of EUR 50 million.


Gene therapies for ophthalmology
Parkinson's disease treatment
Diagnostics tests in oncology
Innovative drug for osteoporosis and bone disease
Cell-based 96-well screening plates
Solutions in order to reduce salt levels in food industry preparations
Antibodies (anti CD39 and anti IL-17) for Oncology treatments
Ultrasound treatment for glaucoma
Haemostatic products and composite matrices for surgery and bleedings
Asparaginase treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Ghrelin Analogue for diabetes and Prader Willi syndrome
Publisher of software solutions for more effective monitoring and observation of chronic treatments


The Sefti fund was set up in 2005 by Béatrice Denys and Eric Viaud at SGAM (now Amundi). Sefti 1 (Specialized European Fund for Therapeutic Innovation) is an investment fund with EUR 20.5 million invested in companies that are developing major therapeutic innovations. Turenne Capital took over the management of the fund’s holding in July 2011.

SEFTI’s investments

Sefti 1 focuses mainly on cardiovascular, oncological and immunological specialities. With money raised from institutional, industrial and Family Office investors, the Sefti fund is fully invested in four companies derived from academic research and is not planning to make any new investments.


Some references in connection with expansion/buyout capital in Healthcare

Some references in connection with innovation capital in Healthcare

The « Fondation pour l’Innovation Thérapeutique Béatrice Denys »

Fondation pour l’innovation thérapeutique béatrice denys

Turenne Santé also runs the Béatrice Denys Foundation for Therapeutic Innovation, which rewards the most successful projects within French academic research, with the aim of starting a company, under the aegis of the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (Medical Research Foundation).


Béatrice Denys was a doctor, and a graduate of ESSEC.

Although she began her career in the pharmaceutical industry, she rapidly moved into investment in the field of Healthcare, joining SGAM (now Amundi PEF) in 2000. In December 2005 she set up and subsequently managed the SEFTI (Specialized European fund for therapeutic innovation) FCPR, a venture capital fund of EUR 20 million raised from US medication manufacturers and institutional and retail investors. Sefti invested in companies developing breakthrough technologies in the biotech, diagnostics and medical device fields.

She joined Turenne Capital as Managing Partner of the Healthcare Division in 2011, where she played a role in launching Turenne Santé’s business.

Béatrice died in December 2012. The Medical Research Foundation and Turenne Capital Partenaires paid tribute to her by renaming the Therapeutic Innovation Foundation, which she had herself set up, the Béatrice Denys Foundation for Therapeutic Innovation.

Make a donation!

The Béatrice Denys Foundation for Therapeutic Innovation is supported by Turenne Capital, healthcare manufacturers and numerous individual donors. It aims to sustain and develop its activities by welcoming new donors.

We would like to thank the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale for handling the administrative and accounting management of donations.

A tax receipt will be given to each donator.

Donations entitle the donor to French tax relief on part of the donation.

For a company: 60%, within the limit of 5/1000ths of pre-tax turnover,

For an individual:

  • Income tax: 66%, within the limit of 20% of taxable income
  • Wealth tax: 75%, up to a maximum of EUR 50,000


For further information please contact: fondation.beatrice-denys@turennecapital.com or on + 33 1 53 43 03 03.


Call for projects

In September this year, the Béatrice Denys Foundation for Therapeutic Innovation launched its 2016-2017 call for projects in support of company startup creations derived from biomedical academic research.

The aim is to support one or more cutting-edge scientific projects within French academic biomedical research through subsidies of up to fifty thousand euros (EUR 50,000).

The winners will be announced in May 2017.

See press release

Contact: fondation.beatrice-denys@turennecapital.com / +33 1 53 43 03 03


2017 Stéphane Delliaux (Medical Doctor, PhD) and Rachid Bouchakour (Professor)

Université d’Aix-Marseille


Development of a personal assistant preventing heart blocks or arrhythmias (rhythm disturbance)

Pierre Rocheteau

(PhD Institut Pasteur, MBA ESCP)
Institut Pasteur, Paris


Development of a class of molecules able to regenerate healthy tissues (especially muscle tissues).

2016 Bruno Vénuat & Alain Thierry

CHU Montpellier (teaching hospital)


Development of an innovative blood-test based oncological diagnostic test (analysis of circulating DNA)

Bernard Pain

CHU Saint-Etienne (teaching hospital)


Development of an innovative beating-heart annuloplasty method for severe mitral insufficiency

2015 Patrick Carroll

INSERM Montpellier

Discovery of new therapeutic targets for treating neuropathic pain.
Emmanuel Messas

Institut Langevin, Paris

Development of a ground-breaking ultrasound therapy for focused treatment of heart valve conditions
2014 Bernard Lévy

Hôpital européen Georges Pompidou, Paris (INSERM)

New concept for treating severe ischemia in the lower limbs of diabetic patients using cell therapy
2011 Didier Letourneur

Université Denis Diderot Paris 7 and AP-HP

Validation and use of the properties of fucoidan to target different therapeutic or diagnostic agents in atheroma plaques
Pr. Denis Vivien

Université de Caen

Development of thrombolytics prescribed for treating stroke, presenting less side effects that products currently in use
2009 Martine Jandrot-Perrus

Université Denis Diderot Paris

Development of an antithrombotic humanized recombinant antibody
Jean-Philippe Collet

Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris

Pharmaco-genetic pangenomic exploration of the response to thienopyridine-type platelet anti-coagulants: secondary study to the ARTIC study
2008 Catherine Llorens-Cortes

Collège de France, Paris

Development of an apelin receptor antagonist as a potential treatment for cardiac insufficiency
Ebba Brakenhielm

Université de Rouen

Specialised therapeutic angiogenesis project for treating chronic cardiac insufficiency
Eric Honoré

Université Sophia Antipolis, Nice

Project targeting the mechano-sensitive ion channels in the cardiovascular system: development of new pharmacological targets for the treatment of atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure
Thierry Patrice


Test for measuring resistance to oxidation
Delphine Borgel

Université Paris Sud 11, Orsay

Development of an antidote from heparin derivatives
2007 Francine Rendu

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6

Development of a fluid-based microsystem for measuring “APOL” platelet aggregation
Oliver Romain & Pascal Leprince

Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, Université de Cergy Pontoise

Design for an intelligent endoprosthesis for intelligent monitoring of aneurisms of the abdominal aorta (ENDOCOM)