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Turenne Groupe launches the Next Health Capital fund and boosts its teams dedicated to healthcare innovation

Paris, 19 September 2022 – Turenne Group continues growing its healthcare investment practice with the launch of a new fund, Next Health Capital. The Group sets out its ambitions by boosting its teams with the recruitment of Claire Poulard as Investment Director and Vincent Fert as a Venture Partner.

Supporting the strategic players in the healthcare sector of tomorrow.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the strategic role of the healthcare sector. In the face of this crisis, the French government launched its “2030 Health Innovation Plan” in 2021, designed to support technological and industrial innovation in this sector and make France Europe’s leading innovative and sovereign nation in healthcare.

By launching the “Next Health Capital” fund, with the target of raising €150 million, Turenne Santé intends to finance and support the commercial development of innovative medical companies already generating revenue or about to do so in the next 12 months. In particular, the fund will invest in unprofitable French and European medical companies in the fields of Diagnostics, E-Health, Medical Devices and Service, Production and Monetizable Platforms through partnerships.

An experienced investment team boosted to back up Turenne Santé’s new ambitions

Founded in 2012, Turenne Santé, with €300 million in assets under management, has developed specific expertise in healthcare around two main themes: Expansion and Buyout Capital with Capital Santé 1 (€62 million) and Capital Santé 2 (€187 million) and Innovation with Sham Innovation Santé, a venture capital company set up in partnership with the Relyens group dedicated to investing in innovative companies in the biomedical sector.

Turenne Santé now includes around thirty companies in its active portfolio, having generated eighteen exits on an average multiple of around 3X in over the lastfive years. Sham Innovation Santé was an investor in Haliodx (sold to Veracyte), Orega Biotech (sold to Innate Pharma and a recognised player in oncology), Alize Pharma II (sold to Jazz Pharmaceuticals) and Voluntis (sold to Aptar). Sham Innovation Santé’s active portfolio includes Amolyt Pharma, Carthera, Dessintey, Domain Therapeutics, Germitec, Mablink, Pathoquest, Physioassist and Therapixel.

To back its ambitions, Turenne Santé’s innovation team currently comprises 6 employees following the arrival of two important recent recruitments.

Claire Poulard joins Turenne as Investment Director. With over 7 years of experience in private equity in healthcare, all acquired at Omnes, Claire was behind more than 6 new investments in innovative European companies, while also managing a portfolio of some ten companies and two exits (an industrial sale and an IPO). Claire began her career as a researcher at the University of Miami and the Institute of Neurotechnology in Singapore. She graduated from ESCP Business School and holds a Master’s 2 Degree in Bioengineering and Innovation in Neurosciences from ESPCI and the University of Paris.

Vincent Fert was CEO of Ipsogen, which was sold to Qiagen after being listed on the stock exchange. He was also the founding director of HalioDx, a diagnostics company specializing in immunology and oncology. headed by Vincent supported by Sham Innovation Santé and the Turenne Santé teams, HalioDx grew its turnover to €20 million, set up a site in the United States and recruited more than 211 employees before Vincent negotiated its sale to Veracyte for more than €260 million. Vincent is a graduate of the University of Aix Marseille with a DEA (Diploma in Advanced Studies) in Immunology.

As a Venture Partner, Vincent Fert will support the management of Next Health Capital’s portfolio companies in a number of areas – international, operational excellence, strategy and organization. Vincent Fert’s appointment reflects Turenne Santé’s desire to offer portfolio companies and investors the best possible growth dynamic.

Commenting on the launch of Next Health Capital, Mounia Chaoui, Managing Partner and Bervin Bouani, Investment Director, explain:

Investment in the marketing and industrialization of innovative healthcare products/services is an important sovereignty issue. Our new investment vehicle and team will support innovative technologies in their industrial and commercial roll-out with the ability to make a difference in everyday life in healthcare. We welcome Claire and Vincent, experienced and talented players in healthcare, who will be with us in rolling out our strategy.”

Claire Poulard says: 

I am very pleased to be joining Turenne Santé, whose team shares my passion for innovation and support. Turenne Santé’s ambition, the variety of its portfolio and the quality of its teams make Turenne Group a key player in the market. 

Vincent Fert adds:

As a former founding director of several healthcare start-ups whose ambition was to grow revenue, I often struggled with the difficulty of raising funds for companies generating revenue, but which were unprofitable. Participating in the creation of such a fund and supporting executives in this type of companies convinced me to join Turenne as a Venture Partner.

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Turenne Groupe launches the Next Health Capital fund and boosts its teams dedicated to healthcare innovation

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