Regain 340, new investment solution to strengthen equity of SME from Hauts-de-France and Seine-et-Marne

Our presence in French regions

Turenne Group in figures

1 MILLIARD € under management

65 Professionals

49 Investors

ticket < 20 M€

Companies in portfolio 260

34 000 Jobs in portfolio

By creating Human & Work with Turenne Group teams, we have achieved to build the French leader in psychological health at work. For an entrepreneur, to work with Turenne Group is an experience which helps craft a project and carry out it beyond all expectation. » David Mahé, CEO Human & Work

David Mahé, Human & Work President

Human & Work Project

Human & Work Project

Created in 2016 by entrepreneur David Mahé, the Human & Work Project group brings together three HR consultancies, leaders in their fields: Stimulus, an expert in mental health at work, Nexmove, a specialist in career trajectories, and Equilibres, a recognised pioneer of equality in the workplace. The development of Human & Work Project has been supported by the Turenne Group’s Healthcare team since 2014 thro

Sector : Healthcare / Well-being

Activity : Growth capital

Location : Île-de-France

Investment date : 2014

Exit date : 2019

Investment team : Healthcare

Ours exchanges with Turenne Hôtellerie team have always been constructive, especially during activity reviews each quarter : we feel deep sens of listening by the team, which follows with attention all our expansion projects.

Denis Pierrel, Directeur Mercure Lille Métropole

Mercure Lille Métropole

Mercure Lille Métropole

A four-star hotel and restaurant with 125 rooms located in Marcq en Baroeul in the heart of the northern district of the city of Lille. The hotel has 12 meeting rooms and a bar.

Sector : Hospitality

Activity : Growth capital

Location : Hauts-de-France

Investment date : 2013

Exit date : 2019

Investment team : Hospitality

We know that we can rely on Nord Capital Partenaires for any need of expansion by acquisition. Our common goals are clearly defined, our financial and analysis resources are strengthen and their availability is an undiscutable asset.

Laurent Bourgois, Eurovanille President



Processing and packaging natural vanilla (7% of world market share)

Sector : Food

Activity : Growth capital

Location : Hauts-de-France

Investment date : 2016

Investment team : Nord Capital

Astradec Group has rapidly grew up by external expansion. It was fondamental for us to strengthen our capital in order to pursue our expension strategy. CAP 3RI’s support and his positioning on circular economy are in adéquation with our market vision of waste valorisation. » Eric Bee, CEO Astradec

Eric Bee, Astradec President



Collection and treatment of all types of waste

Sector : Other services to businesses

Investment date : 2017

Investment team : Cap3ri

When I arrived at Link Group, we were 10, now we are 100, we have created 90 jobs, and it won’t happen without financial support from experts ! Turenne Group teams share our expansion vision and are our support. » Pascal Wespiser, CEO Link Group.

Pascal Wespiser, Link Group President



Temporary work, recruitment and HR services

Sector : Recruiting / Interim

Activity : Growth capital

Location : Grand Est

Investment date : 2018

Investment team : Metz


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