Creating value for our investors and company directors by providing advice and local presence at each stage of their company’s development.

The Turenne Group builds this partnership with company directors through four types of transactions:

  • Venture capital
    Capital increase to finance innovative companies’ research and development projects 
  • Growth capital
    Capital increase to help to finance the growth of companies that have already achieved a certain stage of maturity
  • Capital restructuring
    Contribution of equity capital to allow for buyouts of shareholders selling their shares or the diversification of assets owned by executive shareholders in place
  • Mixed transactions
    combining growth capital and capital restructuring

The support provided by the Turenne Group can take the following forms:

  • Guidance on directors’ strategic choices thanks to the Turenne team’s sector, industry and financial expertise
  • Local support for directors in management and development matters
  • Access to the Turenne team’s relationship networks
  • Help with subsequent fundraising
  • Assistance with identifying and negotiating acquisitions
  • Preparation and optimisation of exit

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