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Birth of the leader in medico-social software


Cityzen (a subsidiary of the Groupe UP) and Medisys are publishers of software for social action management and software for organizations providing support services, care and hospitalization at home or in medical facilities. With the support of their investors, Activa Capital, Turenne Santé and Groupe Up, Cityzen and  Medisys are coming together to form the leader in the French market.

The new Group, with 450 employees, becomes the leader in digital transformation and software solutions for social action, medico-social and personal services. Its software offer covers all functionalities, allowing a 360 ° management of the beneficiary’s pathway and equipping more than 80 Départements (French counties) and around 11,000 private companies and public local organizations.

This partnership is the result of the objective shared by Guillaume Bouillot and Arnaud Duglué, President of Medisys and Executive Director of Cityzen, to create a leader in medico-social software. It will provide a unique force for service innovation to the benefit of the entire ecosystem: structures, care providers, users, families, local territories and funders.

The majority shareholder of the new Group is Activa Capital, already a shareholder of Medisys, which is reinvesting through the first investment of its new fund, Activa Capital Fund IV . As part of this transaction, Activa Capital is supported by Turenne Santé and Groupe UP, as well as the historical shareholders of Medisys and the Management team.

Guillaume Bouillot will be President of the group, with Arnaud Duglué as Vice-President. Guillaume Bouillot said: “This partnership is a real opportunity to create a leader capable of meeting the challenges of the sector’s digital transformation. The know-how of Activa Capital and Turenne Santé in building sector champions through consolidation made this operation possible. Arnaud Duglué added: “By facilitating and encouraging this merger, Groupe Up has enabled the creation of a leader capable of anticipating the inevitable merger of the health and medical-social sectors. A leader that redefines the beneficiary’s pathway by authorising an unprecedented transversality of information. This merger combines history with the future!

Christophe Parier and Alexandre Masson, Managing Partners of Activa Capital, added: “The impetus was given by Guillaume Bouillot and Arnaud Duglué a year ago and has now resulted in the spin-off of Cityzen and this merger with Medisys. The new group will accelerate innovation in medical and social software for the benefit of the charitable, public and private ecosystems.

Youssef Achour, Chairman and CEO of Groupe UP, declared: “This new group in which we are participating will facilitate the coordination of medico-social action in the heart of the local territories, to the benefit of organisations and citizens.

About Arche (Medisys / Citizen)

Sector : Healthcare / Well-being

Activity : Buyout capital

Investment date : 2019

Arche is a publisher of innovative software for management, care and specialist fixed and mobile remote management in the medical/social sector.

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