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NDS and LCS join forces for Smart Digital Building

Global provider of the high-end PADS4 digital signage software NDS (Net Display Systems B.V.)  and LCS, experts in digital signage and workspace management, have decided to join forces to become a major player in the Smart Digital Building market.

With over 25 years of experience the Dutch company NDS has evolved from one of the pioneers in digital signage software into a global player of data-driven solutions with brand presence in 75+ countries. PADS4 is known as a worldwide leading software offering a global response to visual digital communications challenges, external or internal communication and data connectivity for signage.

LCS, the French partner of NDS for more than 20 years, close to users and constantly listening to the market moves, has started developing in 2017 a software platform for Smart Digital Building management including Workspace, Wayfinding, IOT management and digital signage in full integration with PADS4. As part of this operation, LCS has opened his capital to Turenne Capital as a minority shareholder to support its growth and business demand.

Both companies have recently decided to merge with the intention to become a major player in the global market of Smart Digital Building. “As NDS we have seen a trend of consolidation in digital signage with acquisitions and mergers under global digital signage software companies during the last few years. To secure our position and accelerate growth we decided last year to start looking for a strong partner.” says Willie Jan Bons CEO of NDS. “I am glad that with LCS we have found the ideal partner for us. Their expertise and products for workspace management enable us to extend our product portfolio. Moreover, because we already had a long-term business relationship it feels like a natural fit.”

According to Philippe Bonnargent, CEO of LCS, this new organization is a unique chance for new opportunities by combining the strengths of both NDS and LCS. “With our joined focus on Smart Digital Building we are going to operate in a market which is much bigger than just digital signage and is expected to show substantial growth in the coming years. By combining our products and services we will be able to reposition PADS4 as a unique solution on the Digital Smart Building market: both single platform (SAAS or On Premise) and modular. Through the joint forces of NDS and LCS, PADS4 offers the most complete answer in the field of Workspace, Wayfinding, IOT, and digital signage. Furthermore, the expertise and international experience of NDS will enable us to act as a global player in this market.” In the new situation Mr Bonnargent will take the position of CEO.

With global growth forecasts of more than 30% between 2020 and 2023 (source: Press releases, investor Relation Presentations, Annual Reports, Expert interviews, and MarketsansMarket Analysis), NDS aims to confirm its position as an international leader in Next 5 years.


NDS and LCS join forces for Smart Digital Building

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